There’s probably nothing more important to preserving the life of your carpet than to schedule periodic cleanings. Not only is this important in maintaining the appearance and life of your carpet, it can be critical in helping to maintain the health of those who live with you in your home.

While there may be a tendency to view periodic carpet cleanings as excessive, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary. Here are four reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned on a regular ongoing basis.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning Helps Your Home Look Well Maintained

There’s nothing like walking into a home where your senses immediately detect a fresh and clean environment. Talk about promoting a good first impression on your guests — this is sure to do it. Think of the time family members, housemates and pets spend in your home, sometimes lounging around on the carpet. Whether it be aesthetically pleasing for members of the house or guests, periodic carpet cleanings show concern and care on the part of homeowners.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning Aids in the Longevity of Your Carpet’s Warranty

You’ve more than likely laid out considerable cash for your carpet and the thought of having to prematurely replace it can be nerve wracking. Fortunately for you, your carpet likely came with an extended warranty to cover damages and replacement under certain circumstances. One thing to do is to make sure your warranty does what it claims to do.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning Enhances and Increases the Life of Your Carpet

Let’s face it — nothing will cause the fibers in your carpet to begin to breakdown and lose their vitality and attractiveness than excessive accumulations of dirt and grime. Slowly but surely, the life of your carpet will seem to fade before your very eyes, and this state of uncleanliness is a breeding ground for dust mites and other forms of bacteria. Which leads us to the fourth reason for periodic carpet cleanings.

Periodic Carpet Cleaning Helps Promote Health by Reducing Allergens

According to reports compiled by The American Lung Association the reduction of known allergens in the home is a key factor in avoiding allergies and asthma attacks. This can be a complex problem here in the Cleveland area, but one sure way to help the situation is having your carpet cleaned regularly to try and eliminate dust mites. The feces from dust mites are said to account for a very high percentage of attacks related to allergens and asthma.

While this may come as a surprise to some, your carpet is a major breeding ground for dust mites in the home along with your pillows, mattresses and certain types of furniture. As dust mite feces accumulate they are launched into the air by persons sitting on mattresses and furniture, fluffing pillows and by walking on the carpet. Once airborne they may make their way into the nasal passages and throats of unsuspected persons in your home.

What to do? Here are some common sense solutions to help eliminate dust mites and their feces from your home:

  • Vacuum all of your floors and carpet as often as is practical.
  • Change your air condition filter at a minimum of once a month.
  • At least one a year, though preferably every six months, clean all of your curtains and drapes and furniture upholstery. This may be better left to a professional.
  • Wash your bedding at least once a week.
  • Use allergen-proof pillow case and mattress covers.
  • Last but certainly not least — clean your carpets thoroughly, every six months or more.

Advantages of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

While it is surely admirable to take on the task of cleaning your carpets yourself, unless you have access to professional carpet cleaning apparatus, you may be better off in letting a professional service handle this for you. Here are some cleaning methods a professional can provide.

  • Bonneting provides a good and quick method for cleaning the upper fibers of carpet in areas that experience a high volume of traffic.
  • Steam cleaning. This method utilizes hot water extraction and is the preferred method of choice due to is ability to perform a deep cleaning that sanitizes the carpet.
  • One of the oldest methods, rotary shampooing can be as effective today as it has always been because of upgrades in brushes.
  • Services and methods to remove unsightly stains and spots are best handled by professionals.

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